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"I know I should invest my money, but I don't know where to start."
We hear this a lot from our friends who are masterful in their day jobs, but worry they don't have the skills or experience to manage their own path. If this sounds familiar, we built Stocrates for you!
Intriguing, what is it?
Stocrates gathers data from our favorite sources and shows companies that match your profile and portfolio. While it's best to work with a certified financial advisor, we'll give you a starting point.
This sounds personal
Exactly, we made Stocrates different for you. By understanding your background, preferences, and style, we tailor the application just for you. We gather this information from your profile along with your feedback on companies we show.
But that's my data
Right again. Because we built this for our friends, we made sure security was our best feature. We used 256 bit encryption to stop anyone from stealing your identity and promise to never use your data for anything outside of Stocrates. Just read our Privacy Policy.
Sounds good!
At our core, we believe that money can and should be used for good, which is why we are committed to our employees, customers, and community. To make this real, we have dedicated 30% of our profits to be invested in social or environmental projects and will always consider the impact our business has on the world around us.